The Cursed King


Angelika Amon is the youngest of the quadruplet phoenixes caught up in a battle that has lasted five centuries; the only problem is, she can't actually shift into a phoenix. Angelika is desperate to prove she can be as much help in battle as her sisters; if nothing else, she believes being a phoenix who can't shift makes her expendable. Airk Azdajah is a white dragon shifter who has been held prisoner for five hundred years by Pytheios, the false king responsible for the deaths of his family, as well as Angelika's. The two are drawn together, but Airk refuses to allow himself to get close to anyone. He has kept his dragon caged inside himself for five hundred years, and fears losing control to it and turning feral. Angelika believes that she is Airk can help each other, and in doing so be able to help save their world. Together they may find that strength comes from more than just power.

“The Cursed King” has all the elements one wants in a favorite paranormal tale! In the first section of this book, the reader is introduced to Angelika and given enough character information about her sisters and their mates to create a connection with the reader.  At a few points near the middle, the story drags slightly, but just keep reading, because it picks up quickly and becomes steamy. The reader, just like the characters, is in no way left unsatisfied because when these two finally get together, the match is as hot as dragon's fire and they strengthen each other in ways neither could have imagined. The book ends spectacularly, and leaves the reader desperate for more of the author’s works!

Valerie Vicars