Crown of Betrayal (The Siren Series Book 1)

Marie F.

Living a pampered life in a castle of splendor, Verona is preparing for her mother’s coronation. All of the firstborn Sirens in the family have been queens of their realm, but Verona does not ever see herself wearing the crown. She has not come into her colors or powers yet. Apparently she is a late bloomer. Suddenly, during the coronation, a disturbance creates mass hysteria. Corander, an Empradar, or palace guard, leads Verona away from the chaos into a little-used inner chamber of the castle. When things calm down, Ostila, the queen, is missing, and Verona’s Aunt Morlena is banished from the castle. The Empradars have taken over the castle, and lock it down. Verona is allowed visits only from Merkote, her teacher. She frets over finding her mother alive, but no one will tell her anything.

Ms. Crow opens her story with brilliant descriptions of the castle and the Noble-Borns in their shimmering hues. She paints a picture of a glorious world where seemingly nothing ever goes wrong. There is no indication that there is unrest in this near utopia. Then the story is suddenly full of chaotic action that sweeps the reader up. What could be a marvelous story is unfortunately marred by numerous editing oversights, with punctuation errors and misused words. It is also difficult to know who is speaking at any time; so much is lost as a result. The story has plenty of merits, however. The plot is filled with twists which will surprise even the most seasoned reader. “Crown of Betrayal” is suspenseful and will leave the reader wanting more.

Belinda Wilson