Craved: A Vampire Syndicate Paranormal Romance (The Vampire Syndicate Book 2)


Zoe Tremblay is the Ice Princess. The only spawn of Victorine Tremblay, head of the Montreal Vampire Syndicate, Zoe is famous for her frosty demeanour. But Rafael Kral was able to break through her glacial exterior. Rafe is a dhampir, half vampire and half human. He’s a Dark Angel, one of the sons of Victorine’s mortal nemesis, Karoly Kral of the Manhattan Syndicate. And, he was most unceremoniously cast out of Montreal two years ago, when Victorine caught wind of her daughter’s rendezvous with the playboy prince. Now Rafe has returned. His brother has been kidnapped, Victorine is a prime suspect, and Zoe may be the key to saving his family. Zoe doesn’t believe her mother could be so unscrupulous as to break a truce with the Krals. To discover the truth, she and Rafe will have to travel to Paris, risk their lives, and risk re-kindling the fire that was nearly extinguished two years ago.

To put it simply, this book is flawless. It’s beautifully written and edited. Danger and chemistry are established early, as Zoe and Rafe prepare separately for the Crimson Ball. Suspenseful pacing thrums forward like an approaching doom; relentless, all-encompassing, inevitable. There are layers of intrigue and betrayal. The vampire world that Zoe and Rafe inhabit is a ruthless one indeed. In the centre are the powerfully sultry couple who now crave each other for love and survival. Their sensual inferno could melt through a thousand glaciers. The Ice Princess falls for the Dark Angel, and the reading is pure bliss! An absolutely well-deserved five stars!

Joan Lai