A Coven of Her Own (Witches of Raven’s Landing, #1)


TIME TRAVEL: Inheriting her grandmother’s quaint thatched-roof cottage in Cornwall is a dream come true for Sunny Chambers. Surrounded by a sisterhood of friends, Sunny settles right into the scenic harbor town of Raven’s Landing. The only thing missing is the mystery man she dreams of every night. Is he real, or just another piece of the cottage’s past? Two centuries earlier, Cullen Thaine’s duel to save his sister’s reputation didn’t end well. In keeping with custom, Cullen must disappear for five years before returning to Raven’s Landing. Luckily, his friend has secured a spot for him on a ship leaving for the Americas. All Cullen has to do is not miss the boat. But how can he leave the beautiful woman who has appeared from nowhere and stolen his heart? An ocean of time has been crossed to bring these two lovers together, but a singular evil awaits them in both centuries.

Saskia Walker’s “A Coven of Her Own” sweeps the reader into an enchanted love affair, filled with magic, time-travel and the scenic beauty of Cornwall. Raven’s Landing is unique in that it is watched over by a coven of white witches. There is a charming element of magic to the town. The chemistry of the main characters is undeniable, and readers will relish the frequent steamy scenes. The looming dark agenda of the villain makes this a fun read, but the familiar trope and blurry handling of the time-travel aspect might leave some readers wanting more. Fans of minority heroines, coven magic, and dual timelines will cherish this star-crossed romance set in the sweeping meadows of the Cornish coast.

Starling Gray