Clawed and Cornered (Children of Fenrir #1)


Sonya is studying to be a psychologist and bartending at night to make ends meet. Except for her fondness for dangerous men, Sonya’s got her life in order. When Raul walks in to her bar, that all changes. His relaxed confidence, gentlemanly behavior, and masculine allure convince Sonya to accept a date with a handsome stranger. The intriguing mix of rugged, outdoorsy traits, and rich, polished class piques Sonya’s interest. Everything is perfect until she’s viciously attacked. Viking werewolf, Raul, is hiding crucial information about himself and Sonya, and he plans to take it slowly until she’s ready to hear the truth. But when dire orders come down from the Alpha, and a rival wolf stalks Raul’s prey, his careful plans go up in smoke.

Shifter romance readers have a new heroine to root for, and a delicious assortment of werewolves that trace their blood back to Fenrir, the great wolf offspring of Loki. The first installment of this series promises sexy shifters, an exciting trip through Norse mythology, and a strong, beautiful, half Cherokee-half Scandinavian heroine. Raul’s dual nature somehow makes him the perfect package of woodsy ranger and rich city boy. Clawed and Cornered is short and ends just as the action starts, but the cliff hanger does encourage the reader to read on. Lovers of quick, serial reads will want to add this shifter tale to their To-Be-Read list. There’s smoke on the horizon, and this series promises lots of fire!

Starling Gray