Cinders of Yesterday (Legacy of Shadows Book 1)


LGBTQ: Hunter Dani Black wants to stop the necromancer Spectre because he killed her partner last year. Dani hears of a weapon that will destroy the Spectre, but she is not really sure how to obtain it. When Dani meets the talented Emilie Lockgrove, the attraction is instant. Emilie has many secrets and holds the key to getting the weapon, but there are numerous things that are also working against them. The tragedies that surround Emilie make her vulnerable to the Spectre. Dani wants to help and protect Emilie, even with the constant dangers surrounding them both. Dani and Emilie must confront the past in order to defeat the Spectre and save the town of Dawson and the world.

What an amazing action-adventure paranormal romantic story that is spellbindingly captivating! The seemingly normal town of Dawson, Maryland seems ordinary, however, it holds many intriguing aspects. The tale simmers with some very real happenings, terrifying moments, catastrophic events and frightening creatures that will definitely cause readers some sleeplessness. The book moves seamlessly from one horrifying plot twist to the next. Ms. Karner keeps the reader in wonderous anticipation and eerie suspense waiting for what happens next. Dani and Emilie are two marvelous protagonists that are both likable and relatable. Emilie has lived through quite a bit which make her easy to sympathize with and admire too. Dani, the fighter, still has a sweet sensitivity to her. “Cinders of Yesterday” is a brilliant start to a fresh new series that is a joy to read!

Roslynn Ernst