Chocolate Raspberry Magic


Trinity, the assistant manager for Salem’s Wildlife Sanctuary, is quiet, friendly, and hardworking… but she has had awful luck with men. She has a crazy strong attraction to the new employee at the sanctuary, Paul, but she knows he is struggling with demons from his past as a Special Forces veteran, making a successful relationship with him seem almost impossible. When both are called to help in the aftermath of a fire that destroyed Puffin Cove Rescue, Trinity and Paul realize, with the help of some minor meddling from friends and coworkers, that life is short, and love is worth taking a chance on. After all, true love conquers all, right?

Looking for a light and fun read? This story is definitely a winner! Sweetness and fun ooze from the pages, along with quite a few chuckles. This may be a drawback for some, as the story stays pretty much on the surface-level throughout. The reader is also introduced to so many characters in such a short space of time it can be confusing trying to keep everyone straight in one’s mind. The beginning has the feel that one has been dropped into the middle of an ongoing story, with little back story to explain how everyone knows one another. Antics of animals and a magical cabin in the woods add to the amusement and enjoyment. Overall, “Chocolate Raspberry Magic” is a delightful little tale with fun characters and oodles of magic, sure to bring a smile to one’s face!

Piper Valentine