Chase’s Fire (Seven Oaks Guardians Book 2)


Chase is a Seven Oaks Guardian in training who was possessed by a demon. He now feels responsible for the deaths resulting from his possession.  Alice is a librarian who just moved into town and is trying to help her sister, who has not been the same since her accident.  Both feel guilty for what happened in their past and are punishing themselves.  As a Seven Oaks Guardian, Chase helps protect Haven Falls from magical and evil forces.  What happens when both of their worlds collide, and the sparks fly?

“Chase’s Fire" is an enjoyable, entertaining read and a perfect blend of paranormal, fantasy and romance.  The action makes this book a fast-page turner and leaves the reader guessing what is going to happen next.  The reader will never guess several surprising plot twists.  One will love the magical element and special abilities each of the characters possess.  The reader will enjoy the constant bickering between the realistic characters, and one will be either laughing or smiling. There are dark forces in the works who try to destroy the town and everything that the Seven Oaks Guardians have worked for.  “Chase's Fire” is Book 2 in the Seven Oaks Guardians series.  The reader will have no problem following the story but will want to go back and read book one.  The romance between Chase and Alice is extremely hot, entertaining and both characters connect on so many levels!

Victoria Zumbrum