Charming the Skeptic (Cat’s Paw Cove Book 18)


Wade is a paranormal investigator who has a television show, Haunted Places, where he proves places are not really haunted. The show’s ratings have dropped, and to save the show, he needs to prove another place is not haunted. Wade begins an investigation of a supposedly haunted bookstore, Cat’s Paw Cove, where Astor works. Astor manages the bookstore and believes in the ghosts, and has magic of her own. Wade may just get more than he bargained for…

“Charming the Skeptic” is a paranormal romance that will hook the reader from the very first page! One will not want to put the story down as the reader will enjoy the unique story and the well-developed characters that are magical and special. Readers will love Astor and her magical abilities that allow her to jump into stories with her cat. It is truly fascinating! There is constant action and suspense throughout the story as Wade becomes a true believer in magic. The attraction between Wade and Astor, the connection they develop, and how they slowly fall in love is utterly delightful. “Charming the Skeptic” is book 18 in the Cat’s Paw Cove co-op world, and can easily be read as a standalone. Reading the previous books in the series will simply bring added enjoyment. This is a must read for lovers of the fun, the paranormal, and the fabulous quirkiness that is Cat’s Paw Cove.

Victoria Zumbrum