Catching Hell (Jinx McGee Book 1)


Jinx McGee is the outcast of her family and has been different for as long as she can remember. She is a demon hunter, who saw her first demon when she was 5 years-old while looking in the mirror. She is no ordinary demon hunter and is possessed by a demon who has occupied her body since she was a child. While Jinx is hunting, another demon tries to pull Jinx’s demon out of her body. Dominic is a childhood friend who disappeared from Jinx’s life, but he shows up after 10 years when a hunt goes terribly wrong.

“Catching Hell” is a great start to a new paranormal series, and will surprise the reader with a unique story and world. The reader is pulled into the story immediately and it does not let go! D.B. Sieders has created a unique and fascinating world with fun and complex characters who will delight fans of paranormal romance with so much action, suspense, twists, and turns. Readers will enjoy the supporting characters and want to find out more about them. Jinx McGee is a strong female heroine who is funny, confident, and delightfully weird, and will have the reader laughing. She has a vulnerable side but does not take crap from anyone. The chemistry and bickering between Jinx and Dominic is realistic and entertaining, which brings more to the story. Everything in this story will have the reader turning the pages until the wee hours and wanting more!

Victoria Zumbrum