Captured by the Fae King: A Kidnap Dark Paranormal Romance (Sins of the Fae King Book 1)


Xander is the powerful Fae King, who is very bored and looking for some excitement in his life. He has never been in love and always has a woman to satisfy his needs. Xander is very powerful and does not let anyone take control from him. Gabriella is the pure one kidnapped by Xander. She was raised and trained to be the bride of the archangel and to ascend and get her wings. If Gabriella does not, then everyone she loves will die. She does not know the truth about the Archangels and the Fae. Gabriella excites Xander like no other and he wants her, but she is forbidden.

“Captured by the Fae King” is a dark, action-packed paranormal romance with Angels and Fae. The author has created a great plot and storyline with well-developed characters. The idea of Angels versus the Fae is quite interesting and brings the story to life. The reader will feel that the story is slow in places and could have picked up a faster pace. One may not feel the connection between the main characters, Xander and Gabriella. The chemistry feels somewhat lacking between them.  One will notice that there is a lot of unanswered questions, as there is a cliffhanger at the end. “Captured by the Fae King” is Book 1 in the Sins of the Fae King series. If you are a fan of paranormal romance, then this is a good choice for the weekend!

Victoria Zumbrum