Captive Wilderness (Goldenlach Ridge Shifters Book 1)


Brooke’s sister was investigating the disappearance of campers and accidentally discovers something which puts her and her family in danger. She meets her sister, Brooke at the bar to warn her and both are abducted and wake up with collars on them. The collar keeps each of them in their human form instead of who they are as bobcat shifters. Her sister helps Brooke escape, but she doesn’t. She pushes Brooke from a plane into the Canadian Wilderness. Brooke is injured from the fall but keeps trying to find help with a dangerous shifter on her tail. She comes to a cabin in the woods with a reclusive grizzly shifter Kane who is unable to speak but can communicate with Brooke. Kane is hiding something, but he’s the only one who can help her.

“Captive Wilderness” is Book 1 in the Goldenlach Ridge Shifters series and is a brilliant start to a new series. J.E. McDonald has created an exceptional story with good character development and a different take on shifters like being controlled by a collar and not being able to communicate. The sparks fly between Brooke and Kane immediately and both have an intense connection. Kane’s story is so heartbreaking describing how he lost his voice and why he chooses to live alone. His story will leave the reader wanting to cry. The chemistry between Brooke and Kane is extremely hot and the scenes between them will leave the reader needing a cold shower. There is much danger and action in the story which will leave the reader on the edge of one’s seat. The reader may feel that the story should have been divided between the connection and what was happening and why.

Victoria Zumbrum