Cambion's Law


As a prosecuting attorney for San Francisco, Lily Knight has worked hard to put her secret hedonistic, half-succubus lifestyle behind her. She puts the bad guys in prison. She's weaning herself from sipping the ether of unsuspecting humans. She even has a cat named Delilah. However, when her old mentor and lover, Ariel, finds her and asks for her help; she finds her sobriety, her career, and her life in danger! As she tries to discover who or what is behind the deaths of succubi in San Francisco, she also tries hard to resist the temptation to feast on the deliciousness that is Sebastian Ritter, tech-wiz billionaire, ex-boyfriend, and prime suspect to the recently murdered succubus Penelope, Sebastian is also drawn to Lily and determined to help with her investigation no matter the cost.

"Cambion's Law" by Erin Fulmer can be read as a 'who did it' mystery or as a 'will they won't they' romance as it sucks readers in with smoky tendrils of forbidden desires and the bloody mayhem of murder. Romantic and supporting characters deliver a slightly  predictable, relatable, and quirky promise that may sustain the series and maintain readers’ interest. From courthouse to penthouse and dangerous dives, San Francisco's landscape provides the perfect backdrop for the paranormal murder investigation. Considering many of the characters are succubus, the love scenes are passionate innuendo-laden trysts leaving a lot to the reader's imagination. The villain leaves a twisted trail that provides knowledge, self-discovery, and heartbreak. All in all, Ms. Fulmer's debut novel is a winning combination of paranormal passion and murderous mayhem hoping to seduce readers to return for more.

Tonya Mathenia