Cambion's Blood (Book 2)


Lily Knight's world has turned upside down. A former prosecuting attorney in San Francisco, she's now out of a job and living above a friend's garage. She's also half-human, half-succubus, called a cambion, with only a basic understanding of what that means, other than that most humans don't know cambions exist. When a murder that appears the work of a demon takes place at a fraternity house, Lily is called in to assist by a shadowy government organization. As she walks a fine line between protecting others like herself and finding a killer, Lily will discover more of her capabilities, test the boundaries of friendship, and carve out a path forward in a landscape defined by fear of the "other". Lily Knight is a force to be reckoned with!

"Cambion's Blood" hooks the reader from the start and never lets go as tension and suspense ratchet up from one page to the next! Although this is book 2, enough backstory is given to situate the story. Lily lacks knowledge about her non-human side, which adds pressure as she navigates her world, but it also means that neither she nor the reader clearly understands the larger battle being played out beyond the one she is in. Lily's relationship with a wealthy tech CEO provides the requisite romance, but Sebastian seems more background filler to work out Lily's issues than a romance that readers can get behind. On the other hand, her protectiveness of a young orphaned demon is touching. The action and obstacles Lily faces constantly raise the stakes. "Cambion's Blood" offers up a gripping paranormal tale that intrigues and captivates right from the get-go!

Tricia Hill