The Call of Fire – A Natura Elementals Novel, Book 1


Elspeth Lennox, a passive Natura, has worked hard to prove her worth as more than a breeder of powerful offspring. Sadly, all her work means nothing as her grandfather trades her off to the Russian Natura Prince in order to get a promised treatment for a debilitating and fatal disease afflicting her older brother. Patiently waiting for the right moment to kill his boss and her grandfather, Aleron Fousse is assigned to guard Elspeth until the wedding. An elite assassin in her grandfather’s service, he contains his 12 year old hatred and desire for revenge under a veneer of brooding aloofness and cold-bloodedness that instills fear in everyone he encounters. Imagine their surprise and conflict when Aleron’s disdain for the Lennox family and Elspeth’s desire to save her brother at any cost doesn’t stop them from feeling a powerful attraction neither of them can deny.

Blazing passions and treacherous secrets make “The Call of Fire” a scorching can’t-put-down tale of magic, betrayal, and suspense! Readers will be transported into a wondrous world where a clandestine society wields elemental powers to offset humanity’s destructive behaviors. The typical formula of a forbidden love within a classist system of warring factions and arranged marriages is overthrown by the deftly woven tale of distinctive dangerous abilities that may lead to madness. Readers will love to hate the narcissistic, power hungry grandfather willing to destroy all in order to gain whatever he wants. A superb touch of unbridled desires, witty banter, raging vendettas, and heartbreaking consequences are the tools Ms. Calder uses to deliver a unique paranormal vampire romance that is sure to leave readers calling for more!

Tonya Mathenia