Caged Fury (Goldenlach Ridge Shifters Book 2)

Sabrina Covin and her sister, Brooke, were caged in a plane, but she managed to get free, and so did her sister. She was able to get a parachute and put it on her sister, and push Brooke out of the plane. She was unable to get away and was recaptured and put back in her cage. Her captors put on a collar that causes pain to control her. Walker is an ex- military officer and searching for someone. He gets caught trying to help Sabrina and is now in a cage being tortured. When Sabrina helps him escape, he realizes she is his fated mate.
“Caged Fury” is a fast-paced and entertaining paranormal romance that will leave the reader wanting more. The story will draw the reader in and keep one on the edge of one’s seat as the author leaves the reader guessing what will happen next. J.E. McDonald has created a very believable story with complex characters that are very strong - but broken. There is constant action, suspense, violence and fighting scenes throughout the story. The chemistry between Sabrina and Walker is very strong, and the love scenes between them are sizzling and very emotional. Their lovemaking and connection steams up the pages! “Caged Fury” can be read as a stand-alone, but the reader really should read the first book in the series since this tale continues where the first book left off. If one is a fan of paranormal romance, this story is definitely worth reading!
Victoria Zumbrum