Burying the Dead (The Dead Series Book 4)

Hyacinth Finch might be dead, but her problems aren’t over. Her day job is helping archangel Michael sort souls and detecting stones that belong to Michael or Satan, which need to be collected before Satan can use them to escape his imprisonment in Hell. But none of that matters because her nephew has been kidnapped by a Hell Demon, and she’s desperate to get him back. She’ll do anything to save him, including making a deal with his father’s Mafia-demon family. But the deal they request will send Hyacinth on a hunt for a way into Hell and out. Meanwhile, her former lover is losing his ghostly essence and Hyacinth must find a way to heal him, while sorting out her feelings for a demon friend. Can Hyacinth pull it all together in time to save her nephew or will it come crashing down around them, unleashing Hell on Earth?
“Burying the Dead” is a high-octane adventure that raise the stakes from one page to the next! Hyacinth does whatever it takes to save those she loves, but she doesn’t always see beyond the moment to understand the consequences of some of her actions. Then again, there isn’t time. As soon as Hyacinth tackles one problem, another rears its head. This is the fourth installment in the Dead Series, and while it can be read on its own, it probably is better to read the stories in order. There are numerous characters with various agendas that are a challenge to keep straight. Fans of urban fantasy will be excited by this fast-paced tale filled with twists and turns that will leave readers breathless!
Tricia Hill