Burn (Elemental Warriors #1)

Levi is a fire elemental on an important mission, protecting humanity by finding and draining the sleeping elemental’s power before the agents of chaos use them to destroy countless lives. Nothing can make him lose focus or control over his element, that is until the beautiful Brooke draws him in like no other. Now his element is burning out of control, and only the mysterious woman’s touch can cool him. With success being her top goal, Brooke has never put love high on her list of priorities. But, on the day her hard work finally pays off, a man unlike any she has ever met makes her feel things she’s never thought possible. When Brooke and Levi learn that she is a sleeper water elemental with a massive target on her back, they will have to fight to protect each other while navigating their new bond.
This sizzling paranormal romance is sure to ignite the senses and leave readers breathless. At first glance, Levi is a tough guy, concerned about nothing but his mission. However, as he explores his feelings for Brooke, that hard exterior cracks open to reveal one of the sweetest heroes readers can imagine. The way Brooke transforms into a fierce heroine is also well done. While this story has a lot of action, there are a lot of heartwarming moments that pour the emotions the characters have for each other right off the page. The formatting and typo errors can be a bit off-putting and cause some confusion, but the depth of the world building is magnificent. With a little more editing this book will truly burn its way to perfection.
Annalee Stilove