A Breath of Sunlight


 Six years after being beaten and discarded by his brother, Prince Calle’s life now revolves around mining in the Pits day in and day out. Wishing death would come quickly, Calle is shocked when Skaja and her valkyrie sisters attack, kill all the men, and take the women to safety but leave him to escape. Skaja, who has been a valkyrie ever since she can remember, can’t understand why she is so drawn to Calle, or why he claims to know her from the past. When he finds out that his brother, the King, has been abusing not only his power on the throne, but also his wife and children, Calle decides that it is time to stand up for what is right and bring the kingdom back into order and safety. But just how far can Calle and Skaja’s budding relationship be stretched? And will the people ever accept him as King when they believe he’s been dead this whole time?

 A fantastically written fable full of beautiful characters that leap off the pages! A brutal warrior harpy and a kind-hearted fae find themselves gradually falling in love in the purest sense with complementing personalities. This is truly a story of redemption as both Calle and Skaja seek to break down their own walls to redeem themselves of past misgivings. The building fire between them starts slowly but is consistent with a deep and meaningful love story. The two brother’s conflict and war is so masterfully written that the reader can feel the heartache and turmoil right alongside Calle. A beautifully written work of art from pen to page!

Marie Sanderson