The Book Boyfriend

Jeanna Louise

Being an author was more than a job for Emmeline. It was her reason for getting up in the morning and brought her a comfort that was indescribable. When she finds herself unable to write due to mental illness and being the owner of a second-hand bookshop, it seems as though the world is going against her. What she doesn’t expect is for a handsome man to come into her shop asking for help. Lord Jonathan Dalgliesh has been imprisoned in an ancient book by a curse, and he needs Emmeline’s help to break free. Neither of them expect the growing feelings for one another, and when the danger becomes all too real against Emmeline, it becomes a ride-or-die situation. Will Emmeline and Jonathan be able to break the curse and free him? But in doing so, will they be separated forever?

Take one writer with a severe case of writers block, add in a sprinkle of Tudor Lord in the twenty-first century, and chaos will ensue. However, the chaos is a riveting and exciting story that will have readers jabbing the screen of their e-readers in order to turn the pages faster! Emmy and Jonathan just work together, and Jeanna Louise Skinner has highlighted mental health which is something that many can relate to nowadays. It is handled perfectly and it all comes together to create a paranormal romance worthy of the genre. This cracker is perfect to read on a cold autumn night, wrapped in a fleece blanket with a cup of tea. An unputdownable delight!

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick