Bond Bitten (The Bonded Vampire Chronicles #1)


Thanks to a turbulent past, Emily has built carefully cultivated rules in regards to men. Her rules are never broken, until the handsome stranger with changing eyes orders a coffee. After he lost his interest in creating and selling several businesses, Sebastian finds himself wandering around looking for some meaning to his life. He never expected to find his meaning in a barista at a charming little coffee shop. His newly transformed eyes confirm that the human girl is his mate. Honestly, it’s his worst nightmare. Mating with a human can become maddening, and makes the vampire vulnerable to hunters. But Sebastian cannot ignore the pull of the bond. Now he must convince the stubborn girl to turn before they complete the bond, or they both might wind up six feet under.

A steamy paranormal romance sure to ignite the senses and still hearts! This beautiful story loses no time as Emily and Sebastian’s worlds collide and sizzle on the very first page. The construction of the intricate world is beautiful written and allows the reader to immerse themselves effortlessly. While Emily’s fiery nature can get in her way, her love and devotion to those she cares about is beautiful. The way in which Sebastian puts aside his own needs so Emily can make a choice on what happens to her is heart melting. This, paired with how the natural pull of the vampire bond slowly breaks down his resistance, really keeps the reader flipping the page. There are also some surprising twists along the way. With some more character development, this vampire story will be an immortal read for any romance lover!

Annalee Stilove