Blue Farmhouse Christmas


Twelve-year old Clara has a perfect life exploring the snow-blanketed acreage of her family’s Christmas tree farm in Utah. For all the charm that surrounds her at the holidays, there is one place that holds a particular magic for Clara—the old well. It’s the site where she first met fourteen-year-old Liam. Liam’s life is reduced to ashes when his father dies suddenly, and his mother loses herself to grief. With no other family to lean on and very little money to make ends meet, Liam asks the wishing well on the tree farm next to his home to help him feel something other than awful. The next day, he meets Clara. Their heart-fluttering month-long friendship is ended abruptly when tragedy strikes, but magic is moving through both their lives and, years later, they both realize that the well isn’t finished with them yet.

Teri Harman’s top-notch talent for story-telling is on display from the very first paragraph of “Blue Farmhouse Christmas”. The appealing landscape, evocative phrasing, and carefully sculpted voices of the characters create an immersive experience that will keep the reader flipping pages. A plot this daring could only be pulled off by a writer in complete control of her craft. After the first chapter, readers will be so fully invested they’ll be sifting through the heart-rending set up for any small gem of hope, then, whisked along by their emotions to the twisting and turning conclusion. Readers who buy this book will proudly display it next to their copies of “Fried Green Tomatoes” and “The Lake House”.  This one’s most definitely a keeper!

Starling Gray