Bloodscourge (The Bloodborn Series Book 3)


Elisabeta and her brother are two of what should have been three, who lost their mother and their third sibling during childbirth. In order to survive, they steal, lie, cheat, swindle, and even kill. Dracula is captain of the guard, who is tough on his soldiers in order to prepare them for battle. Elisabeta’s brother learns of a treasure worth a lot of money and sends his sister to steal it from Dracula. Elisabeta and Dracula have a connection unlike anything they have ever experienced before, but will their connection survive the deception and secret Elisabeta is hiding?  

“Bloodscourge” is a paranormal romance that will pull the reader in from the very first page, keeping one firmly within the tale’s grip until the end! The author is masterful storyteller, who has managed to create a unique and fascinating story with complex and strong characters that will take the reader on an emotional roller coaster ride. One will not want to put the story down as there is constant action and suspense throughout.  This is not your normal vampire story, and it will leave the reader wanting more! One will enjoy the sizzling chemistry and the interaction between Dracula and Elisabeta as their relationship develops. It’s very believable and exciting to see the progression. “Bloodscourge” is Book 3 in The Blood Born Series and can be read as a stand-alone, but one may get the most enjoyment from this story if the previous ones have been read. Compelling and delightful!

Victoria Zumbrum