Bloodborn (Bloodborn Series Book 1)


Willow Reid, only child of Dracula, has chosen to live a secret life amongst humans. It is a precarious existence, for if she is discovered, it means death. No wonder that when Adam Degore, a Blood Hunter, comes to her village, she decides it is time to move on. However, Willow is too late, for not only has Adam discovered she is the hated vampire, he has made her his prisoner. Adam is determined to find a cure for vampirism, a quest that puts him at odds with his oath as a Blood Hunter. As Adam forces his cures on Willow, he wrestles with his conscience. Willow knows there is no cure and as much as she detests what Adam is putting her through, she feels compassion for the man who is struggling with his own secret. Eventually, the two must join forces as a war brews between vampires and humans, and the love they share will be put to the ultimate test.

“Bloodborn" offers up an intriguing premise surrounding the fate of Dracula's daughter! The world building has considerable potential, but the author leaves too much unexplained, while relying on traditional vampire stereotypes. The conflict between Adam and Willow is strong, one of life and death. However, the romantic relationship is difficult to accept. Willow remains Adam's prisoner for at least a third of the book. He tortures her and destroys her trust, yet she continues to fall for him. The second half of the book picks up the tempo and Adam attempts to redeem himself. "Bloodborn's" action-packed ending will thrill paranormal fans looking for a mix of old myths and new twists!

Tricia Hill