Blood Rogue

Linda J.

To vampire Charles Tower, nothing could be sweeter than the taste of Stacy Morgan’s lips. Nothing could be crueler, then, when she is marked for death by Mikhail, the only father Charles has ever known. The man who reared him and taught him how to survive has gone rogue, and it is up to Charles to put him down. How can he convince himself, and Stacy, that love between them is impossible? It is difficult to do with a woman like her, especially after she offers herself up as bait. Now not only must they fight against the centuries-old customs that bar them from being together, but also the rogue vampire who wants every last drop of Stacy’s blood. 

The debut novel to a new paranormal series, “Blood Rogue” is a fast-paced, action-packed fantasy from page one. The story does indeed move fast, with little introduction to the characters or world. Most of what the reader learns they glean from tidbits given here and there throughout the book. It is also dialogue heavy, with much of the plot developing and progressing through conversations. The tell versus show can make for confusing situations that seemingly arise from nowhere. Overall, the story brings nothing new to the vampire genre, instead providing comfort like an old friend. However, it comes off feeling more like a crime thriller than a paranormal romance, despite the steamy scenes between its leads. That being said, it is still an entertaining story readers can devour in no time. 

Arec Rain