Blood Moon


When Kat, a writer for a travel magazine, agrees to cover for her coworker on an assignment, she never imagined she’d signed up for a hiking trip in the wilderness of Yellowstone and The Grand Tetons. She never imagined she’d fall in love with the wildness and majesty of the Wyoming mountains, let alone find sparks flying with her guide for the trip. Austin, co-owner of Into the Wild, is immediately attracted to her, yet his hard and fast rule of not getting involved with clients does nothing to dull the attraction, which is mutual. When a relationship starts despite their efforts to stick to the business at hand, danger from Kat’s past rears its ugly head and threatens their future. Austin is determined to do everything in his power to keep her safe, especially after his were self declares Kat is his mate.

Vicki Crum has woven a tale full of beautiful imagery for the location of “Blood Moon”. She has a knack for bringing the locations to life, making the reader wish to visit. Kat is a quick-witted and fun heroine who has created a great life for herself whilst hiding from her abusive ex-husband. Austin has avoided commitment like the plague, yet the chemistry between him and Kat is undeniable and fairly sizzles, leading to some steamy scenes that will have readers reaching for a fan. Although labeled as a paranormal romance, the paranormal aspect is fairly minimal, almost feeling like an afterthought. There isn’t a lot of detail or development to it. Despite that and some typos, “Blood Moon” is a thoroughly engaging and enjoyable story from start to finish!

Katy Nielsen