The Blood King (Inferno Rising Book Two)


Ladon Ormarr is a Dragon King and is fighting to keep his throne. When his destined mate appears, he believes his prayers have been answered. He’s wrong. Skylar Amon has every intention of leaving as soon as she can. She also has a natural talent for angering those closest to the Dragon King. Not that she cares. She has a mission of her own: find the one responsible for the death of her parents. When she is taken in the middle of a battle, Ladon finds himself unable to be without her and will break through any barrier to find her. He needs her.

All bets are off when Skylar turns up in the Dragon King’s court. She is bull-headed and seems to have a natural talent for ticking people off. Readers will love her sass and she is so well portrayed. Abigail Owen has pulled out all the stops to write a paranormal romance worthy of the genre and has succeeded. Intrigue, mystery and fire breathing dragons, what more could a reader want? Granted, there are some spots which could have been longer or had more detail, but essentially they are few and don’t take much away from the story. For the second book in the series, it’s definitely one to add to the collection! It will be awesome to see where the series goes next.

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick