From Blood to Ink


Paranormal romance author, Indigo James, is under deadline to produce a book, but her muse is not cooperating. Feeling stuck, she joins her sister for a night out and ends up in the crosshairs of the gods of chaos and fear. The two gods bet they can turn Indigo from a mid-list author to a best-selling one. Indigo wakes up with blood on her keyboard and a completed manuscript she doesn't remember writing. The god of fear wants his chance, and his methods are less than pleasant. With her sister's life at stake—not to mention her own—Indigo is forced to write a second book that she despises. As the lines between fiction and reality blur, Indigo discovers an agenda that will create chaos and change her reality forever, unless she can take on a few gods and win.

"Blood and Ink" cleverly weaves a story within a story in a spellbinding plot that keeps readers hooked! The sisterly bond between Indigo and her sister reminds us of the power of family and how far we will go to protect those we love. When the gods force Indigo to use her talents to produce a best seller, story reality collides with Greek mythology, which collides with a fictional world. The lines continue to blur until both Indigo and the reader are thrust into a world in which all three converge in an intense climax. It wraps up neatly—almost too neatly—at the end, where it isn't Indigo as much as her fictional creation who triumphs. Even so, "Blood and Ink" stands out for its innovative plot and turn-twisting adventure!

Tricia Hill