Blood and Thunder (Thunderbird Brotherhood book #2)

Rowtag Aktoon fears the inevitable when his cousin tells him of the vision he had of his death. Once the vision has been explained, Tag’s family persuades him to seek out a witch for guidance in staying alive. However, when Tag meets the witch, Everleigh Ulric, and realizing she is his mate, the need to prevent his death is magnified. Tag tries everything within his abilities to help keep him and Everleigh above ground, but Tag’s powers alone might not be enough. Will Tag persevere with his mission and save his life and Everleigh’s? Or will Tag succumb to his fate, pulling Everleigh down with him?
“Blood and Thunder” is a magical, steamy romance for the ages. This story has everything the paranormal reader looks for, all the way down to shape shifters, with a hot romance thrown in the mix. The mixture of magic and romance is just enough to keep the reader wanting to turn the page. Wren Michaels has penned intense sexual scenes throughout this tale, leaving the reader - and the characters - a little hot and bothered. Tag and Everleigh’s connection from the start is strong, shown and developed well with each of their interactions. As the story grows, so do Tag and Everleigh, as they realize their pull for each other will not go away, no matter how much they try and stay away from each other. The author pulls us in with her quick wit, humor, and sarcasm, making the scenes relatable. Seeing the strong family bond Tag and his cousin share seduces the reader with each word as they anticipate the author’s next move. Thoroughly enjoyable!
Stephanie Bell