Blind Spot


Tucker is a cop whose profession has him beat. Unable to run away from his ghosts, he throws down his badge and takes off for parts unknown, somewhere he can drown his memories in a bottle. He ends up in a cottage in Madisonville, Louisiana (chosen by a dart on a map), a place  “on the outskirts of everything… Far enough away that I can be alone.” The boathouse where he lands, though, has already been rented—unbeknownst to Sydney, who shows up with another prospective occupant. Sydney has a supernatural gift, or a curse, depending on one’s viewpoint, of seeing the future. The alcoholic, broken man already residing in the cabin has already appeared in her visions. Sydney has no idea how significant he will become in her life.

This impressive combination of contemporary romance, drama, and the supernatural grabs the reader by the heart. Deftly and engagingly written in alternating first person viewpoints of both hero and heroine, one cannot help but get wrapped up in Sydney and Tucker’s lives. Lively pacing is an irresistible magnet—this book will keep you reading all night! The characters are so real, so human, and so relatable, they literally climb off the page. Conflict between them is volatile. One tiny flaw at the very beginning brings us to question Sydney’s gullibility when she leaps at the chance to offer a “very pretty stranger in a suit” the cabin she thinks is still unoccupied. From there on in, we’re Sydney’s best friend, rooting for her and Tucker all the way. An amazing read!

FS Brown