The Bleeding Heart (The Djinn Book 2)


Taj is a thousand-year-old unindentured Djinn who is just trying to enjoy all the pleasures of being both free and all-powerful. But then his sister’s magician boyfriend, Jered, comes crashing into his life with claims that Leela has been kidnapped. Soon it is clear that Taj’s old master, Kitra, and her cronies have returned and bent on re-enslaving the Djinn to further her plans of world domination. Unaccountably, his kind start dying – a revelation that is startling and yet contrary to Kitra’s machinations. Bad things come in threes, so add in a threat to the one human Taj would give his life for, eight-year-old magician Sophie, and suddenly Taj is a Djinn whose world is swirling out of control.

There is no greater gift to a reader than a narrative that truly challenges one’s imagination. Lizzy Gayle brings to life the heartbreaking dilemma of the Djinn; their duality of immortal omnipotence and complete servitude. The latter puts them at the mercy of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse in the hands of sadistic masters. Snapping back and forth between past and present, Gayle conjures a tale of pain and fortitude. Within these pages lies darkness and explicit cruelty that will be difficult for some readers. The impulsiveness and lack of coordination in the ancient Djinn is frustrating and questionable. As well, the large cast and pre-developed world-building might be overwhelming for anyone not familiar with the first book. However, these grievances are counterbalanced by the celebration of courage, resilience, and love. “The Bleeding Heart” grants life-changing magic, blood-curdling torment, and soul-defining personality in one remarkable volume.

Joan Lai