Black Water Magic: A Teagan Blackwater Urban Fantasy Novel


When Teagan Blackwater feels a  vacuum-like pull on her powers as she relaxes with her boyfriend on his boat, she knows only someone extremely powerful, like her grandma, Nola the Swamp Witch, would be able to do it, and that it would only happen if something was incredibly wrong. Teagan rushes home, her boyfriend Colby Jacobson, demi-demon and leader of the Northmen motorcycle club in tow, where they find that Nola has been murdered, and they have no idea who would have done it, let alone who would be powerful enough. Teagan needs to hide the truth from the humans – and local law enforcement – while she tries to adjust to becoming the new Swamp Witch, learn to control her increasing powers, earn the respect and trust of the other local supernaturals, all while finding out who killed her grandma and trying to break an evil curse. What could go wrong?

Well, this supernatural whodunit will pull the reader in from the prologue and not let go! The pacing is swift, keeping the reader on their toes. One can’t help but feel for Teagan as she struggles with losing her grandma and trying to come to terms with her new powers, and facing a brick wall at every turn when trying to figure out what happened. The chemistry between her and Colby is sizzling, and her relationships with her friends are believable and relatable. The story ends with one thing solved, but the overarching murder of Nola isn’t closed, leaving this tale open-ended for more installments. Typos, odd punctuation and sentence fragments are a little distracting in places, nevertheless, “Black Water Magic” is a must-read for loves of paranormal mysteries!

Piper Valentine