Bishop’s Gambit (Redclaw Origins Book 2)


Rhett Bishop has officially been made an agent of Redclaw Security. Her first official mission: pose as a housewife, complete with a fake husband. Agent Peter Knight is that husband, a circumstance complicated by the fact that she has genuine feelings for him—feelings he reciprocates. All of that must be put to the side, however, so they can focus on the task at hand: uncover the secrets Forest Grove is hiding. Along with their trusty canine sidekick and a slew of fun gadgets, the two can handle anything thrown at them. Or can they? 

“Bishop’s Gambit” is a fun mix of paranormal meets mystery that will leave readers glued until the end! Quick-paced and full of witty banter, the character interactions are part of what makes this novel so entertaining! While it is a standalone adventure, the book is part of a series, and there are a number of previous events referenced throughout. Rhett is a spunky woman with modern ideas, while Peter is more in line with the setting of the story. This mix makes for some interesting exchanges between the two, as well as fuels the chemistry between them. True historical fiction diehards might struggle with a few of the more modern twists put into the era, but overall, Ms. Dean does a great job keeping things true to times!

This is a great book for fans of espionage or paranormal romances!

Chelsea Andersen