Bewitching Andie (Baga Shores Romance #1)


After her lifetime of erratic magical attempts, and her life experiences afterwards, Andie wants nothing more than to have a magic free life for herself and her son, Sam. That wish is dashed when Sam shows signs of strong magical abilities. Now she’s on her way back to her grandmother’s house in her home town, hoping to find a way to help her son tamp his abilities down and forget about them. What she didn’t expect was for her grandmother to setup her childhood friend Brett as both Sam’s mentor and a possible match for Andie, secretly hoping Andie would see the benefits of magic. Brett has no intention of being anyone’s mentor after how his magic failed him, nor taking on a relationship, but when feelings get involved, it can be hard to say no.

A charming paranormal romance that is sure to dazzle the heart of anyone who flips through its pages. Andie’s desire to keep magic out of her life is beautifully written into the story in a way that shows how much she wants to protect her son without depicting her as being closed minded. The way in which Brett’s desire to help Andie’s son, as well as his desire for Andie, pushes through the trauma of his past is heartwarming and healing on his part as well. The magical aspect of the world is also written quite well, giving the reader a magical world that feels normal and relaxed rather than overly secretive and stressed. With a little more attention to editing and fewer confusing metaphors and sayings, this story will cast a spell on readers the world over.

Annalee Stilove