Bewitched by a Vampire (Immortal Hearts of San Francisco #6)


*Trigger Warning: Contains flashbacks of childhood sexual abuse*

Lane is a vampire musician with a dark past. Vanessa is a witch whose powers were magnified when she was turned. They couldn’t be more in love, but their world is flipped upside down when a spell, meant to help a friend, backfires on Vanessa. When strange symptoms overcome her, can Vanessa cope with a shocking diagnosis? Can Lane process their new reality and be there for his beloved? Or will his abuse-filled childhood rear its ugly head and ruin their future? Luckily, they’ve got lots of friends to help them out. Lane and Vanessa will need all the help they can get when a dangerous, uninvited guest sneaks into their midst.

Fans of Susan Griscom’s Immortal Hearts of San Francisco will be happy to see the return of their favorite characters in the captivating mansion overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge. This cast of gritty urban undead rises to new heights of drama in the sixth installment, unraveling more of the prophecies foretold in the first book of this series. Flashbacks from Lane’s less-than-stellar childhood may be disturbing to some readers. New readers with gentler sensibilities may find the dialog crass and the humor juvenile. Some flaws exist in the stereotypical characters, and over-simplified vampiric powers. The plot moves quickly, but tumbles forward in a mostly run-on conversation, leaving little room for descriptive breaks. With that said, this is a fast-paced read with short chapters breaking the story into easy-to-digest chunks. The positive ending is satisfying and uplifting.

Starling Gray