A Bee in Her Bonnet (Cat’s Paw Cove #24)


Elva, the elf healer, and Art, the demigod inventor, have been best friends for the last twenty years; but it’s obvious to all the magical beings of Cat’s Paw Cove that the feelings between the two go much deeper. When Elva's honey bees for her healing practice go missing, Art jumps in to help. But as emotions run high, it’s hard to keep strong feelings down, and soon romance blooms. Their journey into love is immediately met with turbulence, as a disgraceful prince claiming to have a birth right to Elva’s hand in marriage suddenly appears with the parents she thought were dead. Not to mention the Dark Elf King trying to achieve his underhanded goals while remaining in the shadows. 

This endearing romance fills the heart with warmth and a true feeling at home. While Elva and Art’s bond is something that was previously established, readers are truly able to feel the depth of emotion they have for each other through their heartwarming interactions. The lore and history packed into the characters’ backstories paint a vivid picture of the world around the adventure which makes immersion into the story feel effortless. The conclusion of the adventure, however, is a bit anti-climactic and could use some more pages in order to tease it out. However, the lengths to which Art goes in order to protect the woman he has always loved is truly swoon worthy. The town of Cat’s Paw Cove and its magical residence are written beautifully to feel as though everyone can be their true selves without fear, giving the readers a feeling of comfort they won’t want to leave.

Annalee Stilove