Bay of Darkness (The Kelly Society)


Since Vivien was young, she has always had a sense of knowing when something is wrong or is going to happen.  When she fails to listen to her senses one night, Vivien and her fiancé are attacked, and he is killed.  Vivien is left for dead with a lot of guilt and a big hole in her heart.  Grief-stricken and all alone, Vivien is unable to cope with her job and life.  Guided by a friend of her parents, Vivien flies to Ireland where she begins training as a paranormal cleaner.  

“Bay of Darkness” is a fantastic story with many different paranormal creatures that will blow the reader out of the water.  S.K. Andrews has created a wonderful blend of several different genres including Celtic legend, urban fantasy, paranormal, romance, action, mystery and many more.  The author did an exceptional job at researching the Celtic Legends and different aspects of the story.  The combination of the different genres and the action-packed plot makes this a fast page-turner. Ms. Andrews has created very engaging and entertaining characters that the reader is going to love and will be cheering for throughout the story.  She has done an excellent job in describing the beauty and people of Ireland, and one will feel that he or she has been there.  The reader will be left wanting more and looking forward to the next book in the series!

Victoria Zumbrum