Barrow Witch (Fey Matter Book 3)


Effie of Glen Coe is known as the Green Lady to all creatures and has the ability to use the magic of Fey Craft. Effie must stop the Barrow Witch, an evil being who takes over anyone’s soul. Effie and her outcast group of followers set out on a dangerous quest to find her and end up facing insurmountable odds.  Effie must help everyone, despite having no support and not being accepted for being both human and fey. As Effie gets closer to discovering who the Barrow Witch truly is, she also has to avoid the temptation to give in to the witch’s demands to join her instead. Effie is in a fight to save all affected by the hag or risk losing everything she holds dear.

This fantasy infused with steam punk elements brings human and magical beings together brilliantly! The story is definitely interesting and engaging, but it’s difficult to understand exactly who Effie is, and her purpose isn’t really explained. This is the third book in the series, and without reading the prior installments it’s hard to know who everyone is and what different worlds are involved. The writing is also somewhat jumbled and disjointed. The amazing fight scenes, though graphic and teeming with action-filled tension, drag on and seem never-ending. Effie, the feisty heroine, does carry the book admirably and, despite her otherworldliness, is so easy to relate to. This intricate tale is woven with much lore, mysticism, clever banter, and incredible characters that readers will instantly love! 

Roslynn Ernst