A Bargain of Blood and Gold (Midnight Guardians Book 1)


LGBTQ: Johnathan “John” Newman is tasked with finding and destroying the vampire hiding out in Cress Haven. Johnathan is taken there by his mentor with no weapons to eliminate the fiend. While in town, Johnathan is robbed and meets Victor “Vic” who offers to help him. Suddenly John hears a scream and sees a girl brutally murdered. John is appalled at the ghastly sight, knowing that an extortioner didn’t do it and secretly takes an object. Vic sees John taking something so offers him shelter and a job—help find who did this and stop it. As John and Vic attempt to track down the killer, more girls are dying. John doesn’t know whether it’s Vic or someone else causing the massacres. He can’t trust anyone and keeps falling ill, too. It’s a race against time to stop the homicides and save the town.

What an amazing, breath-taking fantasy and suspense filled adventure from beginning to end! The incomparable plot twists and turns deftly hold the reader in breathless anticipation. The skillful writing makes each character mysterious yet well-defined and easily imagined. The horrors and monsters are scarily detailed, so readers will fear that the idyllic village is not a good place to be. The strong attraction between John and Vic is tastefully written, even with everything going on, making it difficult for them to get together, but keeping the reader hopeful. John is difficult to figure out at times, especially as he goes through so much, but still, he’s a wonderful protagonist; Vic on the other hand is simply perfect. The story is so captivating and unique it is truly a joy to read!

Roslynn Ernst