Bared & Betrayed (Children of Fenrir #3)


There has been an unusual increase in unsanctioned werewolf bitings near a small town in Montana, causing stress among the Viking werewolves who call the town home. In response to the investigation, Elexis Sandalius, a newly bitten werewolf, is recruited as the lead detective on the case. She gets partnered with Raul Anderson, who is serving penance for his own mistakes by being assigned Elexis as his Nemi—a newly bitten. Between his bad reputation and his own recent biting scandal, Elexis is left untrusting, and the tension grows between them. As more evidence begins to reveal itself, it becomes clear that the stakes are higher than they have ever been. Raul and Elexis must learn to work together before a war destroys all of the packs.

“Bared and Betrayed” will take readers on a wild, rollercoaster of emotions. Each page comes with new discoveries as Elexis and Raul search to uncover the mystery of recent events, until a major plot twist throws their lives into chaos. The language and culture that Heather McCorkle created for the werewolves was beautifully done. As creatures bound to nature and their intuition, it was only fitting for the love of their culture and beliefs to be rooted in Norse religion. The romance sprinkled throughout the novel added a light-hearted and at times, quite steamy subplot into the mix. It’s riveting to watch the relationship between Raul and Elexis blossom and develop alongside their investigation. Ms. McCorkle did a wonderful job melding together two worlds to bring to life the mystery surrounding this supernatural town.

Sadie Wilson