The Assassin and the Libertine (Les Dames Dangereuses Book 1)


HISTORICAL MYSTERY: Daphne de Duras leads an exciting double life: a Duchess by day, an accomplished assassin by night. When she’s charged with tracking down and executing a disgraced noble who is charged with murdering the King’s mistress, Daphne takes the task to heart. Étienne de Noailles is the vampire emissary reporting directly to the Kings Court, and he’s adamant that he’s innocent of the charges, and he offers to help her track down the real killer. When Daphne agrees to team up with the dashing rake, Étienne, there’s more at stake than just her reputation… There’s also her heart.

The author does a wonderful job of describing both the historical time period and the seedier side of life with countless religion-based deaths, devil-worshipers, and vampirism. The story unfolds at a nice, even pace, with just the right amount of attention paid to each aspect. There’s a delightful balance between history, romance, and setting. The love scenes are steamy enough to be enjoyable without reaching an erotic level, still, a fan may be needed! The characters vulnerability in going from hunter/hunted to partners and lovers is well done. However, the character’s backstory seemed a bit neglected when it would have given more depth to their relationship. Fortunately, the lack of personal history didn’t detract from the overall appeal of the story itself. If one is a fan of history and sexy vampires, this story is definitely one to go for! “The Assassin and the Libertine” is an excellent start to what promises to be an interesting new series!

N.E. Kelley