An Angel's Wylder Assignment


Chinoah's and Killian's budding romance has a few obstacles to overcome when a warrior angel assignment interrupts their holiday vacation. Chinoah must decide if she wants to spend eternity loving Killian before they consummate their desire for each other. They are assigned to travel back to 1878, posing as husband and wife, to stop the nefarious plans of a demon in Wylder, Wyoming. Adjusting to the simplicity of the past, small town prejudice, and a lack of modern amenities are just a few things Killian and Chinoah need to work on as a team. Oh yeah, they still need to track and capture a demon before it can change the past! Will working together strengthen their bond and make an eternity of love look more promising?

A sweet romantic tale with time travel, passion, and a promise of an eternal love gives "An Angel's Wylder Assignment" all the deliciously good feels! The main characters have an undeniable chemistry that makes their presence felt throughout the complete tale. The secondary characters are genuine with distinctive voices that bring the essence of historical small town living to life. Unfortunately, the demonic villain is no more than an annoyance that doesn't inspire fear or a danger. Happily, the dynamics of warrior angels, shape shifters, and mortals working together for the good of mankind is an intriguing storyline that readers will enjoy.  Ms. Stetler delivers a romantic tale with a strong woman and the alpha man willing to take her on that will leave readers satisfied and smiling!

Tonya Mathenia