Anchored: An Urban Fantasy (The Anchored Series Book 1)

Bridget E.

In Terra, Alora can lift things and people, a feat that no one else is able to do. To her, this is just something she knows how to do without any training. When Alora lifts, she is in peril, because of a prophecy that a woman who lifts is a warden and will destroy Terra. On earth, Alora is known as Alice, and dreams daily of Terra. Alora tells her dreams to Jesse, her brother. She winds up meeting a guy that she might have killed. Now Alora is in danger, not just because she may have murdered someone, but from a devious social worker who is looking for her too. Things get worse, not just on Earth, where it gets more difficult to hide, but on Terra, where Alora must fight everyone to prove her worth.

What a fascinating and intriguing urban fantasy read! The spell-binding story is truly captivating. Some confusing bits in the beginning along with some choppy writing leave a few things feeling vaguely described. As the reader gets deeper into the book, however, it eventually smooths out and the world building is not just scary but very exciting! The characters are beautifully developed, even those only briefly in the story. The angsty dramatic protagonist, Alora, even with all her deep-seated problems and issues, remains likable. And there is one constant for Alora—her strong bond to her brother Jesse. Even though her future is supposed to be destined, Alora wants to lead her own life and not be dictated too. This is a wonderful story of different worlds and strong family ties told superbly!

Roslynn Ernst