Alpha's Moon - Dirigo Pack, Book 1


Kane MacKinnon is the Alpha-heir of the Dirigo Wolf Pack willing to give all for his people. Loner Sheridan Wells, a wolf-witch hybrid, is a bounty hunter that never fails to catch her target. After Kane’s sister and Sheridan’s friend, Kayleigh is mysteriously kidnapped; the two hesitantly join forces to locate and rescue her before her disappearance brings about war. Their investigative effort uncovers the surprising discord and long-standing prejudices in Kane’s pack. And to top off their troubles, the two discover they are Goddess-Blessed Mates! While trying to deal with their undeniable attraction they must fight to accept the repercussions of their feelings for each other, follow the confusing leads to locate Kayleigh, and prevent war within the Dirigo Pack and from outside enemy forces.

A howl worthy seductive tale with suspense and supernatural politics, "Alpha's Moon" is an action-packed, and intense, shifter romantic thriller readers can sink their teeth into with relish! A dynamic and interesting couple, Kane and Sheridan blaze with a white hot chemistry. Readers with a penchant for detail may be a tad distracted by a few misspellings and minor inconsistencies; however the intensity of the story and the engrossing world-building details will keep the pages turning. The pack members are an interesting, scene-stealing group of characters with their own stories to tell. Pack rivalries and long-standing feuds ensure the reveal of the villain is a tasty twist and the compelling plot hints at further mayhem. Ms. Silvers delivers an intricate plot filled with pack protocol, mate bonding drama, and a mysterious kidnapping that is sure to leave readers baying at the moon for more! Aroo!!

Tonya Mathenia