Against the Dark Devourer

Margaret L.

Deborah has always known the extraordinary psi-powers she shares with her sister sets her apart, but it isn’t until their mother dies suddenly that Deborah learns she’s meant o fulfill a destiny to battle the darkness. However, she has no clue what that destiny entails and no interest in such a fate. Yet avoiding evil is difficult when a rival psi group has her in its sights. Victor and his twin sister were bred to serve inhuman entities from another dimensional plane. Raised with the singular purpose to either seduce Deborah or destroy her, Victor’s surprised to find himself intrigued by her. Despite the contempt his cult has for her Christian faith, Victor and Deborah quickly move from attraction to more, but only if they can avoid the destiny everyone else seems determined to thrust on them.

A quick paced book that takes place several years after the events of the first, can be portrayed two ways. On one hand it evokes a mix of psychic romance, elements of Lovecraftian horror, and some light religious discussions with many references to the works of C.S. Lewis. On the other hand, it involves a basic instant love romance based in part on a “teenage rebellion” attitude with only creepy but easily defeated Beholder or Cthulhu type monsters in the way. Due to its short length, the story is not really given much time to provide much depth to any of the characters emotions or relationships. However, this book is great for readers wanting a lighter story with plenty of sizzle and enough action and tension to burn through a night or two!

Sarah E Bradley