After I Run (Immortal Billionaires #3)


Meet a sexy alpha werewolf and learn new ways to enjoy chocolate dipped strawberries! Harley Ryan is a reclusive computer hacker who gets into trouble when she is captured by the powerful immortal whom she has been hired to spy upon. Cassius Reed and his crew, the Sons of the Fallen, don’t hurt innocents but Harley has been working for his enemy and needs to answer for that. Or does she? Ever since Harley has been held and questioned by Cassius, and his betas Lars and Marek, she hasn’t been feeling like herself. She’s uncomfortable in her skin and she yearns for true freedom. Harley only took the hacking job because she was promised answers regarding her hidden heritage. Perhaps those answers come with surprises, and heartbreaks, that will alter everything!

Who doesn’t love a “Twilight”-type romance? A nerdy heroine with low self-esteem meets fascinating and powerful paranormals and finds herself unexpectedly fitting in with them. Familiar? Luckily, not entirely. These characters are amazingly well crafted and sympathetically drawn. The plot points feel fresh, real, and uplifting. From the exciting and spirited opening paragraphs, to the sultry horizontal (and vertical) scenes, and the shocking plot twists and turns, Melissa Sercia demonstrates guile and style in telling this transformative romance. It deserves to be emphasized that this is Level Five Steam and HOT with a capital H! While the romance is perfectly standalone, the writing will leave the reader wanting to catch up on the other Immortal Billionaires and eagerly stalk the next one!

Joan Lai