After I Fall – Immortal Billionaires, Book 1


After a devastating betrayal, Raven moves to NYC hoping to start a new life and to land a job where she can further her dream to become a chef. Ecstatically accepting a server position in an upscale restaurant, she is jolted by her wanton attraction to the owner. After millennia of mindless, non-committal sex and endless parties, billionaire vampire Ozi finds himself wildly attracted to the new server in his restaurant. Unable to deny his desire to possess her, he must decide if he’s willing to give up his playboy lifestyle and place his heart in Raven’s hands. Will their instant combustible lust felt by the two of them lead to a more meaningful relationship or a sexual harassment lawsuit? Will the evil, bloodsucking ex-girlfriend manage to drive a stake through their simmering desires?

“After I Fall” is a sexy, dramatic, romantic entree on a menu flush with things that go bump in the night, the basement, and the woods! Even though the main characters are served up as the typical insecure, small town girl, and the worldly, brooding vampire, readers will eat up the heated, almost obsessive, craving between them that makes for a finger-licking page turner. The malicious ex-girlfriend manages to infuse a distasteful but disappointing portion of conflict and danger with her half-baked plan of revenge. The secondary characters manage to provide subtle hints of mystery with dashes of humor. Ms. Sercia’s first installment in this dark, sensuous, and spicy series will entice her readers’ attention and whet their appetites with her decadent and delicious tale of a billionaire’s fall into a love affair that leaves him hungering for more.

Tonya Mathenia