After I Break – Immortal Billionaires, Book 2


Used to working on her own, artifact huntress Piper is hired by her mysterious employer to find an ancient tome called The Codex, accompanied by an incubus demon she can't stand. Although she recognizes Lux is the OMG personification of sexual dynamite, his arrogant, dismissive attitude gets on her last nerve! Annoyed by her ice princess persona, Lux realizes Piper’s broken loveliness is both a distraction to his mission and an attraction his demonic nature finds difficult to deny. Spending time together uncovering secrets and fighting an unstoppable enemy on their hunt for The Codex brings the new lovers to a heart stopping decision that may cause them to lose the passion they’ve found with each other.

A standalone story in the Immortal Billionaires series, "After I Break" is a dark, wet dream, enemy-to-lover romance brimming with secrets, passion, and danger! Piper and Lux’s hate for each other inevitably turns into love; however their red-hot chemistry makes the switch in feelings believable. Their steamy sex scenes are a graphic and sensual illustration of lust turning into passion. The luxurious locales visited during their investigation are described with beautiful detail, making it easy for readers to believe they are tagging along for the ride. The carnal hedonism and brutal assault are imaginative plot points. Once the lurking nemesis appears, the plot moves like a steamroller of back story explaining the diabolical machinations behind the hunt for The Codex. Ms. Sercia once again slays a tale of dark desires and dangerous appetites with a strong take-charge heroine and a possessive, protective hero willing to take on their enemies and defend their love.

Tonya Mathenia