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Legacy of Magic

Coralea is starting over. As she journeys to reside with her aunt, an automobile accident introduces her to her aunt’s haughty, but oh-so-handsome neighbor Finnegan D’Orsey, who just so happens to be the town’s only mechanic. Cory cannot abide his arrogance, which sets up an immediate flare of excited tension between the two.

Brennain has longed to hold Morna, the love of his heart, once again ever since he left Miathi, their small village. For two years, they have yearned to be reunited, but when King Tuathal sends Brennain on a new mission to Miathi, he discovers Morna is married and has a child.

It's 1976 and an unexpected encounter brings Nick Vitale face-to-face with Karen Dombrowski, the only woman he has ever loved. Eight years earlier, Karen and Nick eloped and a few months later, Nick volunteered for Vietnam. In December 1967, he shipped out. While there, he received his divorce papers, which he never signed, and soon after, he lost his legs.

Bombshell: A What Doesn’t Kill You World Romantic Mystery (Ava Book 1)
Pamela Fagan Hutchins
Narrator: Chante McCormick

MYSTERY:  Single mom Ava Butler is sexy, intelligent, and unemployed. There aren’t many jobs on her small Virgin Island, so she feels lucky when a temp job opens up — only on her first day, she finds the dead body of a young woman she knew from her days at the local Catholic school. Distrustful of local law enforcement, she vows to make sure the girl is not forgotten.

Dearly Beloved

ROMANTIC COMEDY:  Slade Harrington is big time in Manhattan, very successful and very rich. He’s also very protective of his baby sister Izzy, who is ready to marry the man of her dreams. Slade is ready to give her the wedding of her dreams, he’s paying for whatever she wants. Their father has not been the best role model, with multiple ex-wives on his resume.