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Light Angel

SUSPENSE/THRILLER: The town of Shandaken has many secrets. Anya O’Clery inherits property from her grandmother with two conditions: first, she must keep the property in the family, and second, protect the town and its people. A few years pass and then Anya must choose a path according to her dreams.

The King of Gems
Jim Cronin
Narrator: Jack de Golia

SUSPENSE/THRILLER: This story starts with a bang, as the Chandran starship Equinox is struck by an asteroid while mapping an unexplored region of the galaxy. With no hope of rescue, the survivors hatch a daring plan to download the ‘essence’ of each crewmember into a nearby digital network before they all die.

The Vampire's Witch

MYSTERY: When a witch wanders into vampire territory, Roman De Luca, the vampire Prince of the Northern Territories, is mesmerized. Suddenly, the witch is attacked by a monster, and Roman feels compelled to save her and heal her with his blood. Isabella Lockhart, a gifted hunter for her coven of witches, works for a security team known as Orion, and their main goal is to kill monsters.

In 1948, after Hitler surrendered, Berlin lay in ruins and Lotte Berger realizes that she has lost everything. Lotte and her mother still manage to find shelter, moving from one broken-down place to another. When Lotte meets Meg, who lets her move into her small apartment, Lotte is happy to finally find a place that she can call home for a while.

Every Silent Thing

Triplets Claire, Megan, and Boyd, are adopted and raised by the Deveraux’s, Sidney and Annika. Claire is deaf but working hard in the U.S. Embassy in Paris, and witnesses the murder of a woman in the Louvre while receiving a flash drive and strange set of code words, L’homme Champagne Trois.